Wave was a show created for audiences labelled as having complex needs and it built on discoveries made during the tour of White Peacock. It was a co-production between Tell Tale Hearts and Nottingham Playhouse.

The story, based on Shakespeare’s The Tempest, focused on the relationship between Miranda and Prospero as she prepares to leave the island to be with Ferdinand.

It went on national tour, playing to audiences of 6 people with 1:1 companion support.

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Testimonial from the Egg Theatre, Bath
for Gill Brigg

“Hi Gill, I wanted to write to you after I saw Wave last week at the Egg.
It affected me deeply, and as someone in the department who programmes and produces projects for PMLD and autistic groups regularly I needed to feed this back to you.

From beginning to end I felt a real authenticity from the piece; from the company, the engagement with the audience was gentle yet focused and alert, the actors were believable and yet able to become confidantes and guiders to the audience, and the care taken to include and extend the experience for each and every audience member (yp and supporting adult) was amazing.
All members of the company contributing to a tangible atmosphere of ‘risk-taking-with-a-safety-net’!

But I also wanted to talk about the ‘art’.
The narrative of the play was truthful and intimate, with the regular pauses for sensory exploration serving to extend and deepen the context of the situations of the characters and the play.
The staging is such a great way of ensuring a safe place for those young people, and revealing scenes and locations bit by bit was a beautiful bit of stage design. The pace of the piece was delightfully relaxed yet purposeful, allowing the deep turmoil and emotions to really settle within the audience’s consciousness without them losing focus.
I was certainly not the only one bawling my eyes out at the end of the play!

I feel passionately about this show, and hold it up as a shining example of excellent theatre, that by nature of the art is inclusive and exciting.
Just beautiful!

Very warm wishes, Hannah”

– Hannah Entwistle Jones,
Head of Creative Learning, Theatre Royal Bath