CHEETAH the movie

I am currently leading the education team on this exciting feature film.

Co-produced by Bedlam films and, it aims to raise awareness of the critically endangered Asiatic Cheetah.

Our ambitious and international educational wraparound programme will hopefully be available wherever the film is released in the world.

It will begin with a sensory session for children and young people so that they can experience the landscape and culture of Iran.
There will be a range of differentiated tasks for pre-schoolers up to early career film creatives and each task will have a call to action.

The film is being made to the highest possible sustainable standards and aims to be carbon neutral.

We’re delighted to share that CHEETAH the movie, has been certified a 2021 ALBERT Trained Sustainable Production.

To find out more about ALBERT Sustainable Productions and Training,
visit their website.

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“An Education Wraparound programme is one of our four vital pillars for CHEETAH the movie.

When it came to choosing whom I could trust to assess, design and deliver this important element, there was no one else I could consider but Gill. Her dedication, knowledge and understanding of multi-disciplinary education impact is second to none.”

 – Nigel Hughes. Exec Producer CHEETAH the movie
and Founding Director of



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