Working with Jeremy Harrison within the Actor Musicianship and Theatre for Young Audiences Masters Course pathways, I provide a range of inputs including a general introduction to theatre making for audiences with complex needs.

In previous years I have worked with European Theatre Arts Students within their Critical Perspective Module on the theme of Disability and Performance.


“Gill’s work is full of care and skill. She wears her deep expertise lightly, offering students and artists a playful, engaging and inspiring approach to working with young audiences. She bridges the gap between educational environments and artistic spaces, creating opportunities for artists, teachers, support staff and young people to be connected and share experiences that are enriching, beautiful and meaningful.”
– Jeremy Harrison

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Primary Shakespeare Company

Each year, Bruford students work with the PSC to create a specialist treatment of a Shakespeare text for performance to a special school audience.

I work with Jeremy to enable students to think about engagement with the emotional aspect of texts.

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