Publications and academic papers

  • Det Pedagogiska Arbetet (The Pedagogical Work) 2020. A series of interviews with Gill Brigg and lesson plans created for the Scen:se project. In E von Hofsten (Ed) Scen:se: Rapport, reflection and method. ISBN 978-91-89137-65-3

Journal Article

Book Chapters

  • Brigg, G (2012) White Peacock: a play for audiences with complex learning disabilities: rising to the challenge of Article 31. In T Maguire and K Schuitema (eds) Theatre for Young Audiences. London: Trentham.

  • Brigg,G. (1996) Firing the Imagination: Language development through drama. In A Kempe (ed) Drama Education and Special Needs. Cheltenham: Stanley Thornes.


  • Jasmine’s Guidelines: practical guidelines for theatre companies wanting to make theatre for learning disabled audiences.