I have been a member of these three children’s theatre organisations for many years and was a delegate on the disability action group in Copenhagen/Malmo in 2011.
I’m an active voice in raising the visibility of disability within children’s theatre festivals for both audiences and performances.

Bangkok International Children’s Theatre Festival


I presented a live Zoom talk which explored ways of storytelling with young people, labelled as having Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities, that enabled democratic involvement in their own learning. The audience was comprised of policy-makers, artists and teachers from across South East Asia.
Bangkok International Childrens Theatre Festival Logo


In 2021, I was a delegate to the ASSITEJ World Congress in Japan (virtually unfortunately) funded by the egg, at The Theatre Royal Bath.

My role was to look at disability within the conference and to keep the discussion arising from this, active within the delegate group during our daily meetings.

I created a daily FB entry for colleagues on the Upfront Performance Network: Research group.

Egg theatre delegate at ASSITEJ World Congress, Japan, 2021.

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‘Creating Human Spaces: Drama, Theatre and Education’
Birmingham City University, 16th June 2019

I was invited to attend this conference for the purpose of providing a conference response. 

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The following film was made as part of the Scen:se Conference which took place virtually in Autumn 2020.

I had planned to deliver a keynote speech in Sweden to link performing arts with mental health but decided to take advantage of the opportunities that COVID gifted us…..I was able to work with a learning disabled artist, called Freddie Alcock and a filmmaker called Paul McGhie to make this film.
The film is the keynote speech!
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